Ans: Summ.

Answer to summary exercise May 23

The article highlights the problem of increased instances of agitated social behavior by the rich and famous. He cites various examples from diverse spheres like IPL, roads, politics etc to emphasize that such irresponsible and summary display of power and arrogance - especially targeting the weak-  has become all pervasive. The author believes that this reeks of success going to head of successful and that this is indicative of diminishing tolerance levels and abject sense of humour.

Answer to summary exercise May 22
The article discusses the emergence of two simultaneous phenomena which augur a transition of sorts for innovation driven US. On one hand there is an emergence of technologies and business models like cloud computing, social networking etc. which have drastically reduced the entry barrier for innovative individuals and also empowered them. On the other, there is an increasing crunch in the funds allocated for University research and education which has choked the availability of qualified manpower for high end research by top companies like Microsoft. The author feels that such a development is ominous especially for the US which has thrived on a combination of the state-of-the art higher education and path breaking research attracting the best brains from across the world. He suggests that in order to ensure a better future, government should invest in future by not cutting the spending meant to fund higher education and research. 

Answer to summary exercise May 18
The article argues that Chinese claims on the Scarborough Shoal- a group of small islands about 135 nautical miles from Philippines - is misleading and based on shaky premises. In fact, these claims are indicative of Chinese hegemony and total disregard for the conventional wisdom and interests of its neighboring countries. The article outlines flaws in the Chinese claim to being the first visitor to many islands and also ridicules its tactic of relying on a treaty between western colonists, something so far vehemently opposed by it. The author warns the world that this development should be treated by other neighboring nations as an alert to safeguard against such hegemonic plans of China.

Answer to summary exercise May 16
The editorial discuses the problem of soaring food inflation and points out the flaws in the policies government is using to handle the situation.He suggests that instead of focusing on production, warehousing and procurement of only food grains, government should spend in ways that enhance the production and smooth supply of vegetables and other food items whose demand has surged in last few years. He also suggests the need for a system that ensures quick transmission of demand signals from the markets to the producers to balance the demand-supply cycle.

Answer to summary exercise May 14
The article expresses gave concerns about the negative image of itself that Indian Economy is projecting at the world. What the author finds even more disturbing is that the root of the problem lies in the basic building blocks of Indian business structure. He identifies three major setbacks that have afflicted Indian image as an FDI destination. First, the notion of incompetence of Indian executives, second, distrust of global players towards the transparency of Indian corporate governance and third, government's apathy towards retaining and attracting foreign investors. All this - dubbed by the author as "triple Whammy"-doesn't augur well for the Indian Economy.

Answer to summary exercise May 12
The article expresses concern over the rise in anti immigrant and anti Islamic sentiments in the Euro zone countries. The author cites the political gains made by the ultra-right political parties in the recent elections major Euro nations to point out the increasing popular support for such parties. He warns that such sentiments should be discouraged as they are ignoring the fact that the main problem is economic in nature and also that the immigrant workforce is indispensable for these aging economies.

Answer to summary exercise May 9
The author comments on the state of affairs in India with respect to its people whom he compares with shackled genius Prometheus. He suggests that unlimited potential of Indians who have done well as diaspora all over the world is being terribly hampered by clueless policymakers, oppressive governance and pseudo democracy. He suggests the time is ripe for Indian people to set themselves free and reforms will have to play an important role to make this happen.

Answer to summary exercise May 1
The article humerously comments upon how two important professions exhibit an apparent lack of accountability.  He feels that unlike other professions where accountabilty increases along with profile, it is not so with these two proffesionals viz. Economists and Meteorologists. He gives example of economists failure to predict the sub prime crisis and the meteorologist usual erroneous and vague predictions about monsoons. But despite such misses there's is no loss of credibility. Rather such mistakes make them more high profile.

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