Saturday, June 2, 2012

Critical Reasoning Exercise June 2

Read the passage and categorize the following statements on the basis of effect they would have on the ideas proposed by the author in the passage. The effect could be a) Strengthening, b) weakening  c) No effect.

Obesity is seen as a modern affliction, and one that is sought to be dealt with in many ways. Clearly, success rates have been rather slim as an increasing number of countries are seeing governments stepping in with their own solutions. 
The newest initiatives that emerged last week from two major nations with adipose problems - the US and UK - demonstrate two different approaches, but sadly, a similar probability of failure. The mayor of New York wants to ban sugary drinks being served in jumbo-size receptacles in restaurants, cinema halls and stadiums, in the naive hope that consumers will then quaff less. The simple way around that would be, of course, for them to buy multiple servings in order to keep the calorie count up. The result would be burgeoning waste - smaller cups and bottles, but many more of them - rather than diminishing waistlines. 

And the real 'addicts' could always buy their jumbo packs of fizz from supermarkets, which would be exempt from the size restrictions. The gut feeling, naturally, is that such strictures will do nothing to shrink obesity rates in the long run. 

Britain is not going down that doomed path, but appears to be opting for another equally-futile solution. Outlawing fat - not the condition of being obese, but calling anyone that (accurately or otherwise) - by accepting the recommendation of its all-party parliamentary group on body image that 'appearance-based discrimination' be put at par with racial and sexual discrimination, is hardly likely to spur overweight people to become healthier. 
Instead, this could lead to the rise of a notion that obesity is an inalterable state - like race and gender - and, thereby, put paid to any future attempts by other agencies to prevent or treat it. Then the fat would really be in the fire.

Assuming the following statements to be true, classify them as  A) Strengthening, B) Weakening  C) No effect 

1) According to a research, 80% consumption of fizz drinks happens in restaurants, cinema halls and stadiums.
2) Majority of people avoid the inconvenience of multiple servings.
3) Forming laws doesn’t have much affect on people’s basic perceptions.
4) Obese people are sensitive to discrimination and loose motivation to reduce weight when subjected to discrimination.
5) Coke and Pepsi have comparable calorie count.

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